The 2016 Rules are posted at the link below.

The 2013 rules posted here are for the convenience of our participants. Any typos, discrepancies, or the like are unintentional. The PA YHEC Council reserves the right to make final determinations of rule interpretations right up to and including the day of the event.

2016 PA YHEC Rules in PDF Format

Check the rules frequently right up to the event date. Occasionally, there are last minute changes.


The registration form can be downloaded here for the convenience of our participants.

2016 PA YHEC Registration Form in PDF Format

For those of you that are planning on attending the International Youth Hunter Education Challenge you can download the international form from the following website.  PA YHEC will accept the International YHEC form and that will save you from filling out a form twice.  Make sure you make a copy for yourself to send for the International YHEC.